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Vitamin Supplement Bottle Mockup

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Supplement Bottle Mockup, the process...

Few years back Nutrisail came to us with the Photograph of their Vitamin Supplement Bottle and asked us if 3d Rendering can help them to improve the quality of the Product Images.

We had discussion about their requirements , as what kind of images they were looking for, what type of Product Background they needed, what was the purpose of Supplement Bottle Mockup etc.

Once that was finalized , we asked for 2D drawing of the vitamin bottle, so that we can accurately 3D Model the bottle, and once the bottle was done, they supplied us with the Label artwork in Illustrator format, and it was wrapped on the bottle.

Preview 3D Renders were sent to them for camera angle, lighting approval, once that was finalize we did their stunning 3D Renders for all of their products.

As you see in the above image, lable artwork was wraped on the bottle we made in 3D and finally all the 3D renders we did were used on their website.

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