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Client Testimonials

Our aim is to provide excellent quality work to fit our customer's needs. We value each and every one of them and it seems that they value our work as well. Please take the time to read some of our existing clients feedback.

Jamie Brewer

Triggerfish Corp

“Rajiv is a detail-oriented Artist as well as a skilled web designer. Watching him bring together unimaginable 3D renders definitely sets him apart from the rest of the artists in his profession. Rajiv has most definitely been a valuable professional experience for me. So many times I've had questions and without hesitation he is willing and eager to hop right in and help in anyway he can. He has the ability to work not only as an independent artist, but also shows his commitment to working closely on the creative details of a project. I would recommend Rajiv's expertise to anyone seeking to have the highest quality 3D work available.”

Derek Austin

Texas Stain & Fence Company

“Hands down greatest 3D rendering company to work with! Limitless ability to produce anything you need. The efficiency is unmatched, the talent and skill are unbelievable, and the rates are the best part with this company!!  Absolutely anything you need 3d rendered for marketing, 3DVIZ is without a doubt the only company you'll ever need. You should consider yourself lucky if you have discovered this company and Raj's magic with his services!! ”

Ian N. Hammond

 ITXL Global Limited UK

My company ITXL posted a job out for tender on the 4th September 2009. Job details are for a virtual shopping centre graphic in 3D. Rajiv’s attitude and professionalism exceeded expectations at all times and was a pleasure to work with. His responsibilities included working closely with our project manager to create our vision, performing real time updates with email and Instant messenger reporting. Rajiv as I understand it; has 20 plus years experience in this field and this clearly shows in his fast output. I will willingly re-employ Rajiv in the future when an opportunity arises and can highly recommend him to be able to perform your 3dproject without hesitation. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to verify any details though at anytime.

Eric McCoy

Drink Dream Water, USA

I had he pleasure of working with Rajiv as he rendered our Dream Water bottles. It is obvious by looking at his work that Rajiv is a master at 3d product rendering. But the skill set Rajiv processes that I am most impressed with is his honor and dignity. Rajiv will always have my future business as well as my future friendship. EQM CIO USA

Dreu Austin


“Rajiv’s work is the best 3D work on the planet.  His 3D renders of our products have saved us tens of thousands of dollars in what would have been photography costs.

Frankie Jarrett

Triggerfish Technologies, LLC

When I require realistic 3D design Rajiv is the first person I turn to. The attention to detail and accuracy I receive in the final product is why I keep coming back. I highly recommend Rajiv and his work to anyone requiring 1st class 3D design.

Eddie Stoner

Black Jack Tire Repair, USA

Raj introduced me to 3D rendering and has done some very challenging and amazing work. I have worked closely with Raj for at least 3 years. He has also developed mechanical drawings from my concepts and was crucial in getting these products manufactured. All 3D images on my site were drawn by Raj.

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